We have helped our clients achieve outstanding results in a variety of corporate finance cases​

Since CORPIN’s foundation, we have successfully advised diverse clients on various transaction arrangements, differing in size, payment considerations, transaction perimeters and ownership structures. 

Our experienced team will fully support you if you are considering:

Selling or divesting your business​

Sell-side advisory has been at the heart of our client offering since CORPIN’s inception.​

We provide a comprehensive, hands-on sell-side advisory to company owners, founding families, entrepreneurs, financial investors and management teams when they consider selling all or part of a business.​

We have guided our clients through various scenarios, including:​

  • Complete sale of the business after years of hard work;​
  • Partial sale to accelerate the company‘s development or diversify family assets;​
  • Divestment of non-core business units;​
  • Management buy-outs or buy-ins; or​
  • Sale returning invested capital to financial investors.

In our assignments, we emphasise the substantive preparation phase, right timing, carefully selected list of potential buyers and proactive transaction management to create competitive tension among interest parties. Such a combination has consistently paid off, maximising capital value for our clients.​

Our clients value our experience, easy access to sector-specific knowledge and international reach.​

Raising capital​

Today’s financing markets offer a wealth of funding choices. With demonstrated expertise, we are well-positioned to navigate our clients through this abundant yet complex landscape. ​

Our team offers financial and structuring advice for various capital raising alternatives, encompassing equity, mezzanine, debt and alternative funding sources.​

We have worked for our clients on multiple assignments, for instance:​

  • Equity fundraisings to fund growth, including secondary element to achieve partial liquidity;​
  • Strategic minority transactions;​
  • Mezzanine capital funding;​
  • Venture debt, preserving shareholders from precious equity dilutions;​
  • Tailored senior and sub-senior financing packages;​ or
  • Special situations funding.​

We base our advice upon a careful understanding of clients’ aspirations and business characteristics from which we derive the most suitable transaction structure and potential capital providers.​

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Rothschild & Co, we have access to all relevant investors across the large ecosystem of capital providers. Focusing on core technology hubs, our reach extends from the East Coast through Europe and the Middle East to Asia.

Making acquisitions​

We support our clients throughout the acquisition process by sourcing, assessing, and liaising with suitable acquisition targets, as well as with any associated fundraising or debt restructuring agendas.

Pursuing acquisition opportunities becomes increasingly effective for a company’s strategic growth or solidifying its market position when the acquisition is appropriately executed and thoughtfully integrated.

Our clients typically have the following intentions:

  • Entering new geographies​;
  • Broadening product or service offerings​;
  • Accessing specific IPs or talent pools​; or
  • Consolidating competition to improve economies of scale.​

Our experience of having both the buyer and seller perspective, sector insight and global network access secure exceptional outcomes for our clients.​

As a Prague-based M&A advisor partnering with Rothschild & Co, we have cultivated strong relationships with equity, debt and alternative funders that can arrange acquisition financing on behalf of our clients.​

Optimising capital or debt structure​

Management teams and private equity investors choose to work with us when evaluating, optimising or increasing their company‘s lending capacity.​

Our clients have relied on our advice when considering various lending scenarios, for example:​

  • M&A financing, including „hard“ and „soft“ staple debt solutions​;
  • Increasing lending capacity via balance sheet restructuring​;
  • Project or export financing​;
  • Senior financing combining state incentive programs​;
  • Comprehensive financial structures, combining senior and mezzanine facilities; or
  • Dividend recapitalisations​.

We assist our clients throughout the process, serving as a fusible link between them and financial institutions. Our coverage spans from the initial independent analysis to the final negotiation of specific conditions with the selected institution(s).​

We are well-positioned to arrange some of the most cost-competitive financing packages available on the market, thanks to our broad coverage of the local lending community and our relationships with specific individuals within these institutions.​

Other strategic paths​

Since CORPIN’s foundation, our clients have entrusted us with various strategic assignments, including:​

  • Strategic partnerships;
  • Incentive plans for management;
  • Succession planning;
  • Corporate governance-related topics, minority protection rights, etc.​

Additionally, we offer independent company valuations and fairness opinions, an impartial report that evaluates the factual attractiveness of the M&A transaction, at various stages of a company’s lifecycle.​

The extent of our engagement varies based on the client‘s needs. It can be extensive, supporting the entire decision-making process through the preparation of various analyses, or limited when we act as an independent sounding board, critically evaluating considered options.​

Qualified and impartial advice is key for shareholders and management to factor in their decision-making processes, assuring long-term business success and value creation.​

We accord paramount importance to…​

Optimal timing

Optimal timing is essential for achieving high-quality outcomes.​ External market conditions and internal company preparedness play a crucial role in transaction dynamics. Should we observe unfavourable developments of these factors, we are confident in recommending postponing the process.

Competitive environment

We usually orchestrate the transaction process in two or more stages, inducing a competitive environment among interested parties. Consequently, we proactively manage the process using tailored negotiation techniques, sustaining the competitive dynamic while minimising transaction risk.

Compelling „equity story“

The equity story highlights the company’s strengths, unique characteristics, and future direction, along with transaction rationale. Together with our client, we articulate a compelling equity story which accompanies the entire process.

Diligent preparation

The significance of thorough preparation before the project launch is crucial to us, ensuring that all aspects of the transaction are meticulously addressed. A well-prepared launch lays the groundwork for effective execution, minimizes risks, and enhances the project’s overall efficiency.​

…leading to outstanding results​, with utmost discretion

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